According to a recent survey, Americans voted on the top 10 states they believe are the best to live in.

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The criteria for this list included factors such as affordability, job opportunities, quality of education, and access to healthcare.

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1. One of the top states on the list is Colorado, which boasts beautiful scenery, a thriving economy, and a healthy lifestyle.

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2. Another top state is New Hampshire, known for its low crime rates, excellent schools, and ample outdoor recreational opportunities.

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3. Minnesota also made the list, with its strong job market, high quality of life, and diverse communities.

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4. The state of Maine is praised for its natural beauty, affordable cost of living, and strong sense of community.

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5. Vermont is known for its progressive policies, stunning fall foliage, and abundant outdoor activities.

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6. Utah also ranks highly, with its strong economy, low unemployment rate, and natural wonders like national parks and ski resorts.

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7. Virginia made the list for its historic sites, strong job market, and scenic beauty.

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8. Massachusetts is praised for its top-ranked universities, strong economy, and vibrant culture.

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9. Other states that made the top 10 include Iowa, North Carolina, and Washington.

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Every state has its pros and cons, this story provides a glimpse into which states Americans believe offer the best overall quality of life.

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